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eMatrix: Anti-Wrinkle/Rejuvenation Treatment

As you age your skin begins to sag and get thin due to lack of collagen. Lucky for you, Eména Spa has the latest technology that can correct loose, sagging facial skin, minor wrinkles, acne scars, poor skin tone, skin lesions, and skin texture irregularities all in one sitting. With the use of a radio-frequency device, eMatrix, can achieve skin rejuvenation treatments that requires little-to-no downtime.

This regeneration technology provides a face lift type anti-aging result with no cosmetic surgery involved. The great thing about it is that unlike fractional laser treatments, eMatrix has no limitations and can work on all skin tones and skin types. This device penetrates through the skin to produce new collagen. After three treatment sessions (each spaced four to six weeks apart) you will notice that your skin is smoother and more elastic.

eMatrix is an affordable treatment for long-lasting skin rejuvenation and is exclusively available at Eména Spa in Miami’s Design District.

Written By: Lynnette Marte

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