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Healthy Eating Made Easier with DeliverLean Meal Plans

DeliverLean has been rated as South Florida’s #1 gourmet home meal delivery service. As since Eména Spa is all about promoting a healthy lifestyle we had to share the healthy eating tips with our clients. The great thing about this meal plan service is that they offer several lifestyle diets with so many options to choose from. Meaning, whether you are looking for health maintenance and convenience or have weight loss goals in mind, all their meal plans are customizable to fit your dietary needs. Check out the interview below as we chat about cold-pressed juices, healthy desserts and fresh food!


How does Deliver Lean include both taste and nutrition in their meals?
We have world class executive chefs from a variety of different disciplines specializing in many cuisines from around the world. We do this in order to provide a diverse range of flavors, spices, herbs and food categories . We have 96 different menu items weekly and allow customers to mix and match between 6 different meal plans. All meals are nutritionally balanced with complex carbs, lean protein sources and fresh fruits and vegetables.

How do your meal plans help those with diabetes or other health related issues?
Our meals have no preservatives, added sugars or salts. We don’t use anything processed. Everything is fresh and balanced for healthy eating.

What is the ideal meal plan to choose from for those with weight loss goals? What does it include?
For weight loss, we recommend the Paleo plan which is low carb and perfect for a quick start and faster weight loss. Paleo includes a lean protein source plus a fresh fruit or vegetable. Meals range form 300-400 calories each.

Why should one experience a juice cleanse with OnJuice and what are the benefits?
A juice cleanse can give your body a break from digestion and can help expel impurities and toxins from your body. It can help jump start weight loss and healthier habits, increase energy, improve sleep and can help improve skin.

Since it’s about both quality and quantity when it comes to snacking, what are some healthy snacks one can eat in between meals? How much is too much?
We recommend 2 small snacks daily in between meals. We have a variety of snacks that can be added to our meal plans like kale chips, trail mix, granola and onion rings all of which are dehydrated under 115 degrees to preserve nutrients.


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