eména spa Hollywood

Body Collection


Exclusive collection available only at Hollywood Resort & Residences location

Ocean Front Hydrotherapy Ritual 60 min $225

Commence your hydrotherapy ritual with a luxurious ocean front shower using our organic scrub (20 min).  Exit shower and lay down on the treatment table where your therapist will massage therapeutic and hydrating apricot oil into your clean, exfoliated skin 20 (min). Put on your robe and proceed to detoxify your body in our dry sauna (20 min). Finalize the ritual with a cool shower followed by a firming coconut body lotion self-application (20 min).  The organic coconut body lotion and scrub is yours to take home. Help yourself with a refreshing beverage and snack. Fruit, water and organic teas are available.


Shirodhara Treatment 80 min $275 

Shirodhara is the pouring of oils to the forehead in a rhythmic sequence to quiet mental noise and encourage inner peace and sound sleep. The steady flow of warm oil onto the forehead stimulates the pituitary gland, or “third-eye.” This is one of the most divine therapies, awakening your body’s intuitive knowledge. The slow stream of aromatic herbal oil will relax you as it alleviates anxiety, reduces headaches and expands awareness. A gentle body massage is performed throughout the treatment.


Chocolate Truffle Body Wrap 80 min  $275

This treatment can be consumed even for those on the strictest diet! This ultra-indulgent treatment actually opens the endorphins in your brain. The Cocoa is high in antioxidants to moisturize the skin, macadamia nut oil will tone and softening, almond oil relieves the appearance of skin, jojoba oil hydrates with one of the best absorption rates and ginseng is revitalizing.


Mango Enzyme Body Exfoliation 80 min $275

Active enzymes and vitamins in this body wrap infuse your skin with hydration and gently exfoliate to leave a refreshed look. Mango is high in antioxidants and vitamin A moisturizes the skin while relieving the appearance of clogged pores. Pineapple is an exfoliant and excellent source of vitamin C. Glycolic Acid is the rejuvenator and toner, smoothing the appearance of wrinkles.






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