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How to Give Flat Hair More Volume

Emena Spa has some great fixes for fine hair that has gone flat. Voluminous hairstyles are glamorous and eye catching! If your hair does not have the necessary volume, try adding body to your hair by styling with the help of special utensils and products.

Hair volume can be achieved in the shower and Phytovolume Volumizing Shampoo is our shampoo choice. For best results pair a volume shampoo with a volume conditioner. You can also use hair rollers, curling irons, mousse and teasing brushes for fine hair and watch as your flat hair gets big, bouncy and voluminous.

You can also try another temporary solution with the use of hair extensions. Set up your free consultation appointment at Emena Spa with our certified hair stylists to figure out which method is best for your hair type.

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