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Sleep Well and Live Better with an Eco-Friendly Mattress

Since Eména Spa is all about eco-friendly products we wanted to share with you a mattress that is made of all natural materials and can actually help your immune system. We had the chance to chat with Christian Bizzotto from Sleep on Green to talk about all the benefits, please see below.

1. What inspired you to create an environmentally friendly mattress?

In 2007 I was involved in a motorcycle accident that would change the course of the rest of my life and the lives of the people around me. Sleep up until that day is something I took completely for granted, if fact I gave sleep no importance at all. Upon release from the hospital the Dr. asked me what I was sleeping on and when I proudly replied “Memory Foam” he stopped me and told me to do some research on the subject. This very moment is what sparked the idea of clean sleep, something my father became very passionate about.

It quickly became apparent that I needed a natural sleep solution that would not only give my back the proper support but also prevent hot sweats, boils and bed sores. With 30 years of background in home furnishing and design my father Fidenzio Bizzotto set off to create a mattress that was breathable, holistic, hypoallergenic, and resistant to mold and mildew. Combining his expertise with a veteran team of sleep specialist, the organic and biodegradable Dolce Vita mattress was born. Fidenzio immediately made it his mission to have the product manufactured so that he may share his life changing product with the rest of the world.

With months of traveling and research he found what would become the perfect team to produce the fine handcrafted Sleep On Green mattresses we see today.Fidenzio’s partnership with a 40 year old company rich in the tradition of hand making fine beds with a fresh perspective and fresh identity to match his new mission would revolutionize the bedding industry by creating the award winning Sleep On Green sleep system.

2. What are the benefits for sleeping on a green mattress?

Perhaps the most important benefit of Sleep On Green mattresses is the fact that they are made of all natural materials. Sleep hygiene is very much over looked in this country. Conventional mattresses are filled with chemicals, toxins and carcinogens. Conventional mattresses OFF-GAS these chemicals and we spend 1/3rd of our lives breathing in these harmful toxins.

3. How is a green mattress different from a standard mattress?

Sleep On Green mattresses are hand made from mother natures purest elements. Merino Wool, Cashmere Wool, Coconut Fiber, Natural Latex, and Cotton to name a few. You will note all these ingredients are natural, PRONOUNCEABLE, and not man made. All of the ingredients are specifically chosen to promote breathability and create an environment free from harmful chemicals.

4. How does your mattress affect the sleeper’s immune system?

Sleep On Green mattresses are breathable, holistic, hypoallergenic, and resistant to mold and mildew freeing many allergy and asthma sufferers from their dependency on medication. Sleep On Green beds have no metal coil springs that attract electromagnetic smog which can hamper the sleepers health. Your sleep is your energy, many of our customers have told us that our mattresses have changed every aspect of their lives.

5. What do you do with your customer’s old mattress?

At Sleep On Green our mission is to better our planet one mattress at a time, one person at a time. Our eco-friendly sleep system is designed to provide the purest most natural resting place possible while in-turn giving back to our global community. The natural elements used to create Sleep On Green products are meticulously chosen to help reduce our carbon footprint. In addition to our environmental awareness, Sleep On Green is dedicated to improving the lives of those in need by donating mattresses we take back from customers to people in need, homeless shelters and the less fortunate.

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