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The Benefits of Tape-In Hair Extensions

The first question that is usually asked in regards to hair extensions is “Do they look natural?” Here at Eména Spa we pride ourselves in providing luxuriant hair extensions that blend perfectly with your own hair. The method we use that ensures the best results is tape-in hair extensions.

Tape-in hair extensions use strips of clear double sided tape that is attached to the base of a weft of hair. These wefts are then taped as close to the scalp as possible, with your hair “sandwiched” in between two wefts. There are many benefits of using this new method of hair extensions so lets begin!

When looking for hair extensions, you want a method that is going to be worth the value you paid ($500+). The good thing about tape-in hair extensions is that they work great with a variety of hair textures. The application and removal of the tape is easy and simple. The process to apply the extensions takes only 30-50 minutes. The strips are thin and flat, not hard and bulky, in which one can rarely feel them. Another benefit of using this method is that they are extremely durable (2-3 months) as well as reusable!

Allow one of our professional hair stylists give you natural human hair extensions you need to achieve your desired look! Eména Spa is proud to be one of the few spas in the Design District area to offer this luxurious service. We guarantee our method will not damage your own hair when you follow our after care recommendations and follow-up with regular visits. Book your complimentary consultation today! Book Now.

Written By: Lynnette Marte

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