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The Power of Scent ft Aroma 360

Once you walk in through the doors of Eména Spa in Miami Design District you will inhale the Refresh scent of Aroma 360. The power of aromatherapy is fascinating due to the fact that the different essential oils can help heal fatigue, anxiety, migraines, ADD in children and more. There is something about a person’s sense of smell that can trigger a certain behavior.

The scent at our spa smells amazing and it also perfects the atmosphere for services such as facials and massage therapy which is aimed to relax and rejuvenate. Aromatherapy is the perfect fit for the spa industry since it can help reduce stress, enhance your mood, relieve pain and help with insomnia.


The good news is that the Aroma 360 scent can be in your home as well. How amazing would it be to get home after a long day at work and be greeted with a pleasant and inviting smell once you walk in. You can order your Mini360 at Eména Spa. It’s a sleek and compact essential multipurpose home diffuser to compliment any interior.


Refresh Scent: A crisp, clear, fruity, and sweet creation of sweet just-picked orchard oranges combined with lively bergamot. An Aroma 360 signature scent.

Written By: Lynnette Joselly
Photo Credit: Aroma 360 FaceBook

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